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bdsm library

Many people, who stumble upon BDSM with sudden and life-altering realization, will turn to the internet for references that will help them put into context their feelings and thoughts. The following links are a humble glimpse into the lives of real people who discovered themselves and chose to make BDSM a part of their life journey.

All copyrights to the writings herein are exclusively owned by the authors and have been published to this website with permission from each. Reproducing or citing the works is strictly forbidden without explicit written permission from the author(s).

A Dom's Submission
by Cain
Surrender by Jennifer James
The blood rose by Ava Jayne
Submission by ronoh
Song of the Housewife by Raven Cloud
Specters by MastersAlexis
A slave's love...by Jennifer James
In the rain by ronoh
Soulbound by Chemaza
Through the Window by Jennifer James
You tell me...by Ava Jayne
Let it all Go by Shepherd
When you let go by Cain
Journal-less by Jennifer James
Passion by Jennifer James
A Master's Prayer adapted from several sources by Sean Grey

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